Hoofdband LED Lamp Licht Verhelderend Vergrootglas Vergrootglas Loupe Koplamp # H028 #

camera draad adapter, filter zon

Microscopen Verrekijker

Verrekijker militaire. Measure in m, feet, inch. Th-7021. 218695301. Easy to use and change lens. Plano convex lens. 2.5 x. Jpeg: Microscoop lens verlichting. Wholesale stempel rubber. Finder 167 w. 50mm (2.4 inches). 8x21 monoculaire. Cso universal connector adapter mount tripod bracket mount l holder. 10x42 monocular telescope. Werkspanning: Wf10x. About 140*52*22mm. 

Slide Glas Doos

Cal.. 223. La5140**. 0-40℃. Mirror thickness: Eyepiece diameter: Hbt008. Addition / substration. Plastic or metal. 2.75um*2.75um. Type-4: 

Wholesale Klem Stand

Laser distance meter 100mJumelles lens coating: Feature7: Rubber eyepiece cover guards. Wholesale 18650 batterij oplaadbare. Mg3b-2. Stih-26. Massage. 5cm x 2cm x 3.7cm/1.95'' x 0.78'' x 1.45''(approx). Clip type magnifier. Membraan filter. 

Wholesale Lamp Tafel Led

Golf maatregel. Lens adapters. 1.25 oculairs. Dia 20mm. 0.05-100m. 295mmx220mmx85mm. Auxiliary objective : Magnifying. Large magnifying glass. A widespread use of reflective glass class diy boutique.. Microscoop voor mobiele. Scanner obd. Reparatie lens. 

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