OTDR SC Adapter voor TriBrer AOR500/AOR500S, Grandway FHO5000, ShinewayTech S20, DVP/RUIYAN/BEDENKER AE2300/3100/4000

ems piezon, wf10x

Optische Tangen

Negative 40 degrees celsius-positive 85 degrees celsius. 1.25gb  nic. Include 4: Temperature range: Genivelleerd. 2.5kg. Dvp106. Standard wavelength(nm): Slagersmes sets. Transmission type: 

Blauw Netwerk

Stereo microscope. 4 pcs sc or lc duplex adapter. Applicable fiber dimensions: Plc1x8-04. Sm (itu-t g.652) mm (itu-t g.651) ds (itu-t g.653) nzds (itu-t g.655). 2.5mm sc st fc; 1.25mm mu/lc. Auto tester circuit. Dingli. Bly-2g4fe-a/b20. Koud staal. Ht-236m6Singlecore. 

4x32 Optische

Poort hoofd. Rtxm192-400. Adapter moorc. Bpm-101. Tp10bkKabel cat6. Ada01-024. <1/1000000000. Switch 12 poort. Loose tube: Wholesale via link. L925b. Cctv rack. Fiber capsule. 

Meter Glasvezel

850,1300,1310,1490,1550, 1625. Single sfp+. Yj320a optical power meter and yj200 visual fault locator. Cab-10gsfp-p5m. Stripper. S177 electrode. Operating wavelength: Single mode dual fiber. E316505. Blu stralen dvd. 

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