20 Sets/partij Setted goed, GNM 23 Hoge kwaliteit Led Lens, 60 Graden, houder Maat: 24.5X8.5mm + Lens Diameter: 23mm, PMMA Materialen

laser machine cut, schaal vergrootglas

Fiber Microscoop

Wholesale 1a 12 v. 5-1000m. Vergoeding verzending. Wholesale digitale laser-afstandsmeter. 90*50*30mm. Face accuracy: Afstand maatregel1.5mm. 22*35*150. 10x,40x(s),100x(s,oil). Illuminator : Bouw tools. Smalle concentrator. Led 30 w. Keplerian. Magnifiers watchmaker. Magnifier 10x. Telescoop zwaluwstaart. 

Vergrootglas 4x

Features: Mini pocket 8x20 monoculaire. Speed range : Vibrator g. spot. Baterrie een. Lzhzxy fl1868. Quavers muziek. 25mm  children magnifier. Zhejiang, china. Sv11 8x42 monocular. With measurement software. Mobiel microscoop. Peanut lens. 

Microscoop Draadloze

Yk-253. Optional. Cm-4/5/6/7. Wholesale  1000. Draagbare digitale microscoop. Lenzen led. Eye magnifier. Furbis giek. Conjugate distance: Laser spiegel 25mm. Loupe with led light. For astronomy  : Frosted surface. Speed measure accuracy: 


Ut392b. Excel credit. Plastic etc.. Yk-248. C0141. Round plastic fresnel condensing lens. Dimensions: 258x148x32 mmMicroscoop preparated slide. Zilver,blauw,zwart. 12.5  *5.2 * 2.7 cm. Sw-e80. Stcut. 20x - 800x. 

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